21st June 2018
Author: Salim

Paperless working culture is now becoming a reality in corporate offices. Do Not Use Paper and Go Green slogan is often flashed at ATM centers. Many mobile companies also suggest their customer to opt for e-bills. This is a welcome change so that less and less paper is used and will eventually help protect environment.

Till last few years paperless office was thought of as a distant dream, however due to awareness created by the media of global warming and essential steps taken by governments of top nations around the world to protect environment, paperless office is becoming a reality. As global warming is destructive to planet earth and the main reason being deforestation, it is very essential to protect environment and hence not to cut trees. Hence gradually it is now becoming an excellent practice to use less paper wherever feasible.

However at the same time no paper implies more use of PCs, laptop, mobile phones or any other electronic gadgets which helps in facilitating the communication (e-mails), e-payments or conducting e-courses, etc. The other side of the paperless office is more and more use of electronic gadgets. Furthermore, the constant evolution and new developments in electronic gadgets leads to electronic items getting obsolete and thus results in saturation of e-waste. Thus as it is now becoming significant to recycle used paper in order to protect environment, similarly it is necessary to use electronic waste shredder machines to destroy e-waste and also recycle this e-waste to ensure a clean toxic free ecosystem.

What is e-waste? Primarily e-waste comprises obsolete and rejected flash drives, floppy drives, PCBs, central processing units, monitors, CDs, DVDs, mobile phones, Tablets, etc. These electronics gadgets are manufactured using metals. Metals such as copper, aluminium, lead, etc are used to manufacturer resistors, capacitors and transducers which are integrated in the electronic items. Similarly Polyethene Terephthalate (PET), Polystyrene and Polyvinlchlorate (PVC) are used in electronic components because of their insulating and heat-resistant properties. Metals and plastic form the core in development of electronic items. It would be hazardous if this e-waste is thrown recklessly in trash. The accumulation of these electronic items in landfills will lead to toxic waste and hence harmful to environment. The shredding, destroying and recycling of this e-waste is important.

There are many manufacturers of e-waste shredder in Mumbai, India. Raj Electricals manufactures e waste shredder which shreds PCB, obsolete mobiles and Tablets, etc. The e-waste shredder machine can be customized to suit the customer’s requirement. As is the case with other shredder machines from Raj Electricals, the quality of this e-waste shredder is top class – the job of shredding or crushing the gadgets is done efficiently.

E-waste management with the help of e waste shredder and further e-waste recycling machinery is of paramount importance in order to protect this beautiful planet earth.